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Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab: The evil of drug addiction is capturing the society at a rapid speed. It has affected the society adversely. Today almost every age-group is taking the drugs, alcohol and many other medical substances to get temporary relieve from the daily harassment, anxiety and depression. Especially our youth is the main target of it. Now it has become quite important issue how to escape the society from this dreadful evil.

To meet this greatest and compulsory need of the society, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma laid down the foundation stone of the best Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab in 2000, named Lifeline Foundation. Today it is working successfully and passionately towards its objective to make each and every corner of the society drug-free and healthy.

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As we all know, Nasha mukti kenders have become an important part of our society. A few years back, we hardly come across the need of drug rehabilitation centre, but today it seems difficult to get drug addicts back to normal life without these kind of centres. It is not a positive sign for us. But we have to fight against it. Then, we are working exceptionally well at our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab to get you back to the normal life.

Nevertheless, at Lifeline, we are making efforts towards the betterment of the society, especially for the effected families. Because it is such a tougher time for the families whose young child got involved in the habit of drugs. But you are on the right page. Our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab will give you the full-fledged facilities which will be highly helpful to fight the situations.

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Till date, we have helped thousands of patients in getting rid of this killing habit of drug addiction. Patients addicted to alcohol, smoking, heroine, smack, opium and many more harmful substances, are contact us around the world with a hope to get permanent solution for the disease. We too never make them frustrated or harassed. Rather, we treat them with exceptional medical services with respect to their addiction at our De addiction centre in Punjab.

Lifeline has achieved such a prestigious and honorable position in the field in the recent past, that has made us a trustworthy brand. Because we have contributed a lot to make the society livable to some extent. Lifeline is rendering remarkable medical services and therapies to heel the patient. Initially, at our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab, we conduct all over tests of the patients to make an idea about their current health position and later proceed forward according to the reports.

Lifeline Foundation has done an amazing work since its inception and producing the desired results along with 100% satisfaction. Patients will get high-quality health solutions to get their life out of danger. Our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab will assist you with world class facilities. These will be highly effective and surely fully capable of healing you from the roots. Our world-class team of professional doctors will help you to cope and handle the circumstances in order to fight the evil effectively. Further, we have a perfect and smooth platform to give you an outstanding and exceptional medical treatment under the same roof.

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