De Addiction Centre in Amritsar

Lifeline Foundations is delivering exceptional drug rehabilitation facilities at its De addiction centre in Amritsar. Since our inception, we have cured thousands of drug addicts and have gained a prestigious position in the society. As we all know that drug addiction has become a very crucial problem to the society. Without removing it from the roots, the healthy and crime-free society cannot be imagined. Accordingly, with a goal to vanish this evil, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma Founded Lifeline Foundation in the year 2000.

We have empaneled certified doctors and other specialists to carry on the smooth functioning of the centre. If you need drug rehabilitation facilities in your city, then don’t be late in reaching us. Because we are fully furnished and highly experienced De addiction centre in Amritsar to help you in getting rid of this dreadful evil of drugs. You can easily quit the drugs you are addicted to with our favorable treatment facilities and therapies at our Nasha Mukti kender in Amritsar. Call us at +917270033333 and make your life back on the track once again.

How are we the best and world-class De Addiction Centre in Amritsar?

Today it becomes quite important to eradicate drug addiction as early as possible. It is deteriorating the society at a rapid pace. Especially in Punjab, it has widened its roots very deeply. As per a survey, 7 out of every 10 persons are habitual to any kind of drugs. It may be alcohol, Marijuana, LSD, OPIUM, Heroin, Psilocybin, Amphetamine, Ketamine, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine etc. All are harmful and injurious to health. In the context to help the addicts by giving up these substances, we are serving with marvelous rehabilitation facilities. At our De addiction centre in Amritsar, we have numerous features to heal the patients effectively. Some of the most attractive features are:

We have always exhorted the patients towards the importance of life. Our experts motivate them orally, which works as a wonder to be healthy.

At our rehabilitation centre in Amritsar, we impose effective treatment therapies which ultimately results in the best.

Call us at +917270033333 and have a healthy and prosperous life ahead

Our infrastructure includes all the relevant and basic facilities to make the patients feeling at home during the treatment. We provide them with AC rooms, neat and clean bathrooms and toilets, beautiful gardens for walks, amazing swimming pools, vast courtyards, and backyards etc.

Further, we have highly advanced gymnasium well-equipped with latest machines for different exercises.

We promise to serve the patients with quality services. Because we always recommend the quality than quantity in our preamble.

Our team of qualified and specialist doctors conducts regular check-ups to monitor the health progress of the patients. They check and note-down blood-pressure, blood-sugar, temperature and weight etc. on daily basis.

In order to make the patients fit physically and mentally, our physiologists and psychologists guide them in yoga and meditation sessions. We perform these activities daily at our De addiction centre in Amritsar.

Moreover, we have higher success rate along with 100% satisfaction. Indeed you will never feel any kind of disappointment at our reliable and trustworthy De addiction centre in Amritsar.

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