De Addiction Centre in Punjab

De Addiction Centre in Punjab: Nowadays, Rehabilitation Centres have become an important part of the society. If we proceed further keeping in light the question that which is the best De addiction Centre in Punjab, Then the only name comes out, of course, the Lifeline Foundation. Working at Lifeline, we have treated over 4000 drug-addicted patients and thus exploring a huge experience in the field. Patients with 100% satisfaction level and happy lives are the property for us.

Approach us at +918847215265 and get your life out of the jaws of devil addiction of drugs. We assure world class treatment at our rehabilitation centre in Punjab.

Why De Addiction Centre in Punjab?

Talking especially about Punjab region, The Rehabilitation Centres are becoming popular day by day. It seems that De addiction Centre in Punjab has become an integral part of daily life of people. Moreover, life has become lightning fast today and almost everyone is in a great haste. To achieve their targets and goals as early as possible, people almost doubling their working hours. They work hard or sometimes over-work at the cost of their health.

They avoid their health needs and pay no attention to the body requirements. This is the reason that they get stuck in various types of diseases, which proves to be very dangerous in the future. But you don’t need to worry, because we are equipped with the latest medical technologies at our other Nasha Mukti Kendra also. The most rushed include Nasha Mukti Kendra in Haryana and Nasha Mukti Kendra in Himachal Pradesh and of course, nasha mukti kender in Punjab.

Secondly, there is a massive unemployment in the state Punjab. The young college drop-outs are wandering to and fro with higher educational degrees in hands. Finally, when they are depressed because of unemployment besides spending a huge amount of money on education, they enter the world of crime and drugs.

A survey has shown that major portion of the drug-addicted persons in Punjab made by the youngsters. Today even the teenagers are using the medical drugs and alcoholic substances. They are spoiling their health and studies as well. That’s the key reason behind the need for De addiction Centre in Punjab.

Major reasons to approach us

Being the dominating De addiction Centre in Punjab, several fronts are available to consider for the patients before approaching us.

We are in the field since last 18 years and have treated over 4000 drug-addicted patients and alcoholics at the maximum.

Today they have taken their lives as re-birth after experiencing exceptional medical services at our de addiction centre in Punjab.

We at Lifeline, having the team of well-experienced and skilled doctors, nurses and other staff faculty members.

They are genius with their prominent abilities to cope with the physical and mental conditions of the patients.

Moreover, we assist our patients with the services of our distinguished psychotherapist, neurologists, and Yoga specialists.

Apart from this, Lifeline holds the well-equipped infrastructure, fully air-conditioned rooms, playgrounds for outdoor games, neat and clean canteens, hygienic purified drinking water, swimming pool, yoga sights etc. at its other rehab Centres such that rehabilitation Centre in Haryana and rehabilitation Centre in Himachal Pradesh. All these qualities collectively award us as the top De addiction Centre in Punjab.

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