Rehabilitation Centre in Amritsar

Quit your drug addiction with our most reliable and certified Rehabilitation centre in Amritsar. At Lifeline Foundation, we have produced incredible results and helped thousands of patients in eradicating the devastating evil of drugs. It has become a threat for the society and we are fighting against it with a goal to vanish it from the roots. Lifeline Foundation is the produce of Mr. Sanjeev Sharma’s mind, who has build up such an effective infrastructure to meet the circumstances.

Lifeline Foundation involves a chain of drug rehabilitation centres across north India. It has established numerous drug rehab centres like Nasha mukti Kendra in Delhi, De Addiction centre in Haryana, and De Addiction centre in Himachal etc.  Further, a number of centres are working successfully in Punjab. The most famous are rehabilitation centre in Amritsar, Nasha mukti Kendra in Patiala, De Addiction centre in Ludhiana, Mohali, and many more. Call us at +919815006881 and join our rehab centre to make your precious life back on the track once again. We value your life and strive hard to make it healthy and drug-free.

Our Rehabilitation Centre in Amritsar will provide you the Lifeline indeed

Lifeline Foundation has achieved a lot of its main objective of removing the harmful and dangerous addiction of drugs. It is being successful in its mission because we have over 4000 happy families who are fully satisfied with our services. They have achieved all what they have expected with us. Because of our dedication and strong willingness to meet the targets, we have recorded 100% success and satisfaction rate in the recent past.

Lifeline knows it very well that what happens to the family whose young child addicted to the drugs. It is such a painful and dreadful situation for the family. The state governments are equally responsible for these miss-happenings. Because drugs are easily available to the youngsters due to the holes in the system. In addition, huge unemployment is the biggest issue in the state. It has contributed a lot in driving the youngsters to the mud of drugs.

Nevertheless, we are fully capable of handling the situations professionally. Because our rehabilitation centre in Amritsar is working exceptionally well in the field of detoxification. We applies effective medical therapies and other treatments to make you feel better than past. Our medical specialists will treat you with medication, meditation, personal counseling etc. Medicines provided here have no side-effects rather excellent results after consumption.

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Lifeline Foundation is enabling the patients to enjoy a wonderful life experience after vanishing the habit of drugs. We are producing their desired results with our several quality aspects. Some of our highlighting aspects at rehabilitation centre in Amritsar include:

Fresh, cool and pollution-free environment.

Well and fully-developed infrastructure.

Balanced diet for the patients including fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

Yoga and Meditation sessions are performed daily morning.

At our rehabilitation centre in Amritsar, we have swimming-pools, playgrounds and gymnasium for extra-curriculum activities.

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