Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala

Rehabilitation centre in Patiala: Are you searching for the best rehabilitation centre in Patiala, we at Lifeline are here to fulfill your requirement to the best. Because we have the world class medical facilities to help you in getting rid of the bad habit of drug addiction. Our ambition is to remove the evil of drug addiction thoroughly from the roots.

Lifeline has become a popular brand name because of its exceptional treatment and hygienic facilities at our rehabilitation centre in Patiala. Our medical services are fully-furnished with modern and latest technologies. In addiction, our experienced team of doctors will treat you with world class facilities and to their best of knowledge.

Lifeline has thousands of satisfied patients around the world. Whether they are addicted to drugs, tablets, smack, heroine, alcohol or any other harmful substances. So if you are a drug addicted and really wants to give it, then make sure to visit our best rehabilitation centre in Patiala.

We perform result oriented treatment therapies at our Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala

Being the trustworthy rehabilitation centre in Patiala, it becomes our topmost priority to provide you world-class medical facilities tailored to make you healthy and fit. We have maintained a favorable and hygienic atmosphere within the premises. We help the patients to develop a positive attitude towards life by motivating them in seminars and meetings conducted on regular basis.

It becomes most rigorous time for the families whose young child becomes addicted to the drugs. Because drugs results in total wastage of money, time and of course health.

At lifeline, we have fantastic and latest facilities to help the patients in the best way. Moreover, our experienced doctors and other staff members are well qualified in their area of practice. They are specialists in their field to monitor the cases in depth.

Drugs are the chemicals that affect the body and brain simultaneously. Their effects can vary according to the type. Some drugs cause long-lasting health consequences which may even be permanent. Such effects may be there even after stopping taking the drugs. Accordingly, Lifeline pays special attention to those drug addicts who are taking drugs for a long time. We consult them personally by conducting meetings with them.

Some of our specialties

We have maintained a separate record of health condition of every patient. Blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature are some regular check-ups.

Lifeline is working in a neat and clean environment. It is far away from the hustle-bustle and unhygienic environment of the city.

Fully AC rooms, playgrounds, swimming pool, and gymnasium etc.

Further, regular yoga and meditation classes under the expert’s supervision.

Healthy and balanced diet as per patient’s personal diet chart.

Moreover, we have maintained eco-friendly and healthy environment in our rehabilitation centre.

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