Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab

Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab: Get rid of the devastating evil of drug addiction at Lifeline Foundation, the best and renowned rehabilitation centre in Punjab. Rebuild your confidence and positivity towards priceless life with tremendous treatment therapies and favorable atmosphere here at Lifeline. Additionally, we help the drug addicts in getting out of the addiction so as to make their life respectful, healthy and drug free once again.

In addition, at De addiction centre in Punjab, we are committed to provide exceptional medical facilities in order to accomplish our utmost objective of making the society drug-free and livable. Contact us at +918847215265

and make your first step towards the glorious aspect of life.

Lifeline is an experienced rehabilitation centre in Punjab

Drug addiction has become a burning issue of our society. It has made its position stronger in the recent past. Many other related social problems like loot, burglary, kidnapping, murder etc. are emerging on the behalf of drugs. Thus it is the mother of all the social evils. Correspondingly, it becomes necessary to find out the root problem and making efforts to wash it off well from the roots. The Lifeline Foundation has established its rehabilitation centre in Punjab to achieve the exact motive.

We at our nasha mukti kender in Punjab, applies a structural treatment system to make the patient on the safer side. We initialize our treatment process with conducting various types of tests of the incoming patients. Moreover, our specialists try to find out the exact body requirements of the patients. They examine what are the drugs the patient involved in and how it can be cured for better results. Later they carry on their treatment process according to the test reports.

We have congenial atmosphere at lifeline Foundation

We have maintained a hygienic, congenial and eco-friendly environment here at Lifeline Foundation. Our rehabilitation centre in Punjab is situated in a cool, calm and greenish area, far away from the polluted environment of the city. Similarly, there is no hustle and bustle of the city traffic and none kind of air pollution. It is the most important thing to produce better results.

Accordingly, we have some other excellent and splendid qualities that must be available for better results:

  • Availability of fresh and purified hot/cold drinking water as per the climatic conditions.
  • Qualified medical personnel with immense experience.
  • A proper balanced diet chart for individuals. Including tasty, healthy and hygienic food three times a day along with some drinkables and fruits.
  • Further, we have hired psychologists and physiotherapists for yoga and meditation sessions at our rehabilitation centre in Punjab.
  • Yoga and meditation classes on daily basis to make the patients sound physically and mentally as well.
  • Regular checkup of patients to monitor the health progress including body weight and temperature, blood-pressure, blood-sugar etc.
  • Proper maintenance for separate playgrounds for indoor and out-door sports activities.  Our patients are free to play any game of their interest including Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Badminton, Tennis and many more.
  • At rehabilitation centre in Punjab, we have a world-class and scientific gymnasium to prepare the patients physically strong and compatible.
  • Moreover, we charge with fair and reasonable prices at our drug rehabilitation centre in Punjab. Our services are not much expensive and we have designed our price policy taking in mind the economical weaker section of the society.
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